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Orchid Tips

Supplies for Beginners

One of our members suggested that we prepare a list of supplies that our new members will need to get started with their orchid growing hobby. We turned to our good friend, Scot Mitamura, the orchidist from Foster Gardens on Oahu. We also turned to our own Kauai growers and this is what we have so far. We will continue to add to this list as more items come to mind and our members ask questions. Please feel free to participate:

Scot Mitamura:

Self-igniting propane torch or cigarette light (for sterilizing pliers and other cutters)

Newspapers (Used for workbench)

Straight tip pruning shears (Saboten or others)

Bamboo stakes (WalMart or Home Depot)

Tie wires or twist ties

Orchid Pots (plastic or clay, various sizes)

Orchid media (Medium orchid bark, Perlite, peat moss

Fertilizer - see below for types

Shade cloth (for sun protection - available at Kawamura Farms in Lihue)

Isopropyl Alcohol 70% (use as a multipurpose insecticide - buy at WalMart))

Garden Island Orchid Society Membership Dues (for educational purposes so you don't kill all of the orchids)

Allen Yamada

Tweezers (long one to pull small weeds)

Orchid net pots (these are the ones that have lots of openings to allow the air to circulate)

Orchid media (in additional to the above, cinders, river rocks, charcoal, sphagnum moss)

Fertilizer (most commonly used are Nutracote and Foliar types  - buy at WalMart, Ace, Home Depot)

Alcohol (WalMart now carries 90% proof which is more effective than 70% - use also to clean working area and as an insecticide)

Pot trays (to keep pots from falling over - Home Depot)

Floral pruners - useful for various tasks)

Neem Oil (to kill most insects and pests - buy at WalMart, Ace or Home Depot)