Garden Island Orchid Society

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About Us

What is the Garden Island Orchid Society?

The society is a non-profit organization made up of members having a wide range of involvement with and knowledge of orchids—from hobbyists to commercial growers. The society promotes the knowledge, culture, use, and appreciation of orchids through lectures, orchid shows, demonstrations, and other means.  See By-Laws.

About our Meetings

The society meets the second Friday evening of the following months: February, April, June, August, and October.  In December we meet on the first Saturday. We meet in the recreational hall of the United Church of Christ in Hanapepe, Kauai. A typical meeting begins with an Orchids' Learning Center for questions about orchid care.  Then there is a discussion of society business, after which we break for refreshments. The featured speaker follows. During the meetings, each member is given a seedling orchid plant to take home.

Members can browse through the society’s orchid library at the meetings as well as ask our experts about orchid disease and pest problems. Potluck dinners occasionally precede our meetings.

Members receive a society newsletter prior to each meeting that gives information about the upcoming meeting, the featured speaker and other society news.

Orchid Shows

Twice a year, the society conducts orchid shows. These shows provide enjoyment to the public, generate interest in orchids, and raise funds for society activities.

The Spring Fantasy Orchid Show is held for one weekend during March or April in the recreation hall at the United Church of Christ in Hanapepe. Admission is free. In addition to enjoying a beautiful display of orchid plants, those attending may purchase orchid plants as well as refreshments.

The Orchids in Paradise Show is held in conjunction with the Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair in August. The society display is quite elaborate and gives all members an opportunity to participate. The display is located in the Farm Bureau exhibits tent. The society also conducts orchid plant sales in the commercial tent.

Orchid Tours

From time to time, tours might be arranged to local orchid nurseries or gardens that have orchids on display and other places of interest to the members.